Developing Global Partnerships in Health since 1978

A new initiative for presenting e-health solutions from Sweden and a new concept for internationalization efforts as part of Swecare’s core business.

Why is this important?

Solving the global health care challenges require collaboration across the health care chain. Through the Swecare platform companies can access partners across the globe and offer their solutions. The Swedish government has set the vision to be world leader in e-health by 2025, and our contribution is to ensure that Swedish e-health solutions are available globally.


Sweden is world leading when it comes to health care, with almost 100 National Quality Registries providing the generous health care system with a unique opportunity to monitor quality and results.


The Swedish e-health solutions embody the attributes of inclusiveness, sustainability, high quality, and innovation.


The e-health solutions are provided by companies that have decided to join forces for increased collaboration and competitiveness to provide you with better access to their solutions.

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