Fundraising Campaign for India

Join us in our efforts in supporting India during the current Covid crisis!

Learn more about the various organisations and NGOs supporting India and how you can further help and get involved.

Together with SIBC, the Sweden-India Business Council, we have initiated a Fundraising COVID Relief Campaign for India and we invite you to be part of it.

Most of us have friends, business associates, colleagues, or family in India. Seeing how the Covid-19 infections reach new levels, now touching 350-400,000 cases daily, is heartbreaking. We know many of you and also your subsidiaries are already providing support but we also know there is a large interest in supporting even further. Hence this initiative and also call for action.

Sweden-India Business Council and Swecare Foundation in coordination with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in India have identified two NGO options for maximum impact; Pratham Sweden and Swedish Red Cross, both well-established and supporting work on the ground in India.


If you would like to donate to these organisations, please use the code SIBC4India

Pratham Sweden (Homepage | Pratham Sweden; COVID-19 Response – Pratham

Donations to BG 900-4862

Röda Korset Sverige (Så jobbar vi mot coronaviruset | Röda Korset (

Donations to BG 900-8004

Bank transfers: Svenska Röda Korsets Centralstyrelse SEB 5249-10 041 00

Other support


On May 6, several organisations supporting India’s pandemic response in various ways held a meeting to get a clearer picture of the situation in various parts of India, and of which efforts are being taken to offer support. Representatives from the Red Cross, Pratham Sweden, the Swedish Consulate General in Mumbai and the Swedish-Indian Chamber of Commerce all gave their view and listed what is doing done. All speakers agreed that apart from the short-term healthcare crisis, long-term support will be equally needed to tackle problems like increased poverty, the need for vaccinations, diagnostics, prevention as well as building for the future, including taking care of mental health problems that follow the pandemic and how to better include women in the workforce. You can see a recording which offers lots of insights into the present situation and needs for the future here.

We recorded today’s call and you can access this on SIBCs YouTube page. On this page you also find the Swedish Red Cross’ video which might give some a clearer picture of the situation in India and their work with the country.

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