When was Swecare founded?
In 1978.

Who founded Swecare and for what purpose?
The Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, County federation and a number of industry representatives founded Swecare to meet the high international interest we require for Swedish solutions in healthcare.

What is the purpose of the organization?
To promote exports and internationalization of Swedish health care and to support Swedish companies in this industry in their internationalization efforts.

What are the different types of businesses included in the Swecare network?
Swecare members range from large corporations to small start-up companies. The companies are also involved in everything from pharmaceuticals to medical devices, tools, equipment, to providing services for the elderly, home care, education and healthcare.

How can Swecare be helpful for a small business?
Swecare is an effective way to start the internationalization process for a small business.We can do that by opening the doors to influential people and institutions in other countries and liaise with relevant counterparts and stakeholders. Swecare gives a context to the companies and provides the opportunity to draw on the “Swedish model” which is a very strong brand abroad. Swecare also gathers companies in networks where international health challenges are addressed, it could be infection control and antibiotic resistance, aging population, modern hospitals, etc. Together we create solutions and deliver solutions that are not possible to do on your own.

Is Swecare also relevant for the larger companies? Or they can manage themselves?
Even large companies are in need of door-opening activities abroad, especially to get in touch with decision makers in the countries you want to enter in. In order to be successful, it is often dependent on political connections, these can be obtained through the use of Swedish ministers participating in our activities. Many large companies also have an interest in emerging countries where these contacts tend to be even more important than in mature markets.

Is it only activities in other countries?
Swecare has a wide range of activities at home as well. We receive delegations and put together program of field trips and meetings with key agencies and hospitals. We also organize roundtables where members have the opportunity to participate in international high-level visits to Sweden. We also organize informative seminars on the exciting markets and current issues. Several times a year we have meetings in our network where companies have the opportunity to work specifically with their associated issues.Once a year, Göran Hägglund our Minister of Social Affairs invites all member CEOs on a very popular dinner in Rosenbad.

What distinguishes Swecare from Business Sweden? How do Swecare and Business Sweden work together?
Swecare is a quasi-governmental foundation and a membership organization. We primarily work for the benefit of our members and on behalf of the government. Together with the members you design activities and decide which countries to go for and what activities will be implemented along business concerns. Swecare is a conduit between industry and Swedish authorities and politicians. Swecare works closely with Business Sweden, particularly with regard to activities in other countries. Swecare has its office in Sweden and no representation abroad. Business Sweden has 57 foreign offices that often helps arranging events abroad.

What is the meaning of the triple helix?
Swecare often work on the basis of what is called a triple helix concept. It involves gathering representatives of public, private sector and academia collaboration.

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