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Health Export Barometer 2022

In this year's Health Export Barometer by Swecare, Swedish care and health exports amounted to SEK 100 billion during 2021. That is a decrease of SEK 15 billion compared to the previous year. Despite this, products linked to healthcare still make up Sweden's second largest export category – bigger than, for example, wood, iron, and steel.

Health and social care must work, regardless of who you are or where in the country you live. I see this as my most important task for the coming years. It is about people in Sweden being safe in the knowledge that they can expect health and social care of the very highest quality. And we will deliver it.

Photo: Kristian Pohl/Regeringskansliet

Swedish cancer care and control 

Together with our members from public and private sector, we have made this brochure, presenting the Swedish system, Swedish excellence. It follows the patient journey from prevention and screening to treatment and quality of life. It also brings up some exciting cases, innovations, and research, which give hope for the future of cancer control.

Infection Prevention & Control

Sweden is a pioneer in infection prevention and control, offering solutions that prevent and reduce infections and improve patient safety in healthcare settings. Swedish companies provide innovative consumables, devices for sterilization, optimization of workflows, infection diagnostics, infrastructure solutions and treatments.


Cancer Control

Sweden is a pioneer in cancer control and has excellent prerequisites for implementing precision health and medicine. Our tradition of close collaboration between universities, healthcare providers and the life science industry has been a path to success for new advances in cancer care and treatment.


Healthy Ageing & Chronic Disease Management

Sweden has a well-developed, and cost-efficient system for elderly care and among the highest life expectancy in the world. Emphasis is put on prevention, active ageing and ageing in place, so as to help people live longer, healthier and dignified lives. Swedish companies are an important source of innovative solutions to support people of age, their families and staff in everyday life.


The Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Sweden is a country of early adopters and a pioneer in the digital transformation of healthcare. Digital solutions present new opportunities for a more effective, patient centered and high- qualitative healthcare. These include among others AI supported electronic medical records, patient centered devices for monitoring and treatment and platforms for digital consultations.


Smart Safe & Sustainable Hospital

The Swedish life science sector helps hospitals to be more resilient and sustainable. World-class healthcare architects and planners and companies offering green infrastructure solutions and innovative digital technologies lay the foundation for sustainable, smart and safe care. Innovative medical technology solutions also contribute to efficient and patient-safe advanced healthcare.

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